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How would you help me achieve my goal?


The online training consists of weekly meal plans, weekly weigh-ins, discounts on apparel, detoxes, and supplements, access to your coach, video demonstration to every exercise with reps, sets, and rests times to get you in and out. The exercises included are geared towards helping you reach your goal. There’s a high level of accountability because the coach gets a notification when a client misses a scheduled workout, so that’s where the coach comes in to hold the client accountable. 

What is the difference between online and virtual training?


Online training provides the client with a list of workouts and video demonstrations for the client to do at the best time to fit that client’s schedule for that day. This is best for clients with busy schedules or parents. We understand things come up so clients have the flexibility to reschedule their workouts to the days and times that best fit. 

With virtual training, the client is scheduled at a specific time and day to work out with the coach/trainer watching and can be fined for being late or not showing up. 


Are measurements included with the meal plan?


Yes, meal plans include measurements. Meal plans are typically written in the simplest terms but occasionally a food scale is needed. 

How fast can I lose 10-30 lbs?


As a professional, it is important to lose weight sustainably and efficiently because our priority is the client’s health and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Following the instructed meal plan and workouts, you will be on track to losing roughly 1 pound per week. The time can vary depending on the client.

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